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Shaimaa Salama

If you're a gameball customer, so you might know how gameball is so powerful when we talk about customization, So we decided to take our edge to the next level with exposing a huge range of use cases that will cover most of the uses cases that you or your customer need.

It's a huge thing to be, Stay Tuned πŸ˜‰


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Shaimaa Salama

Status changed to: Completed


Shaimaa Salama

Hi everyone! πŸ‘‹ - We’re happy to announce ✨ Gameball Challange Catalog✨ where you can find all the options for your customer to earn points/coupons πŸš€

Whatever your objective is we got your cover πŸ˜‰ You can choose between:
🎯 Acquire
βœ… Create account
βœ… First Order

🎯 Retain
βœ… Second Order
βœ… Third Order
βœ… Fifth Order
βœ… Tenth Order

🎯 Engage
βœ… Visit a specific product
βœ… Visit our website daily (Streak)
βœ… Facebook (Share/Follow/Like)
βœ… Twitter (Share/Follow/Like)
βœ… Instagram (Share/Follow/Like)

🎯 Personalize
βœ… Birthday
βœ… Anniversary

🎯 Grow
βœ… Buy a specific product
βœ… Buy from a specific collection
βœ… Exceed your highest order value
βœ… Buy X get Y on your next order
βœ… Buy from 3 different collections
βœ… Buy 3 items from a specific collection
βœ… Get 20% coupon after spending a total of 1000$
βœ… Free shipping for orders over 500$
βœ… Buy over 50$ and get 5$ on the next order

🎯 In addition to Occasions based Challenges
βœ… Black Friday
βœ… Christmas
βœ… Cyber Monday
βœ… New Year
βœ… Easter
βœ… Valentine's Day
βœ… Mother's Day

And Always you can create a custom way of whatever action you want to reward your customers for.

Know more about Ga✨ Gameball Challange Catalog✨ using the below link:


Shaimaa Salama

Status changed to: In progress


Shaimaa Salama

Status changed to: Planned